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Here are 100  Algolia alternatives that I have compiled for you. Saves you all the time for your internet research for Algolia alternatives.



Fast & powerful search for websites and applications. It starts at 79$ per month.

Swiftype: Application Search, Site Search and Enterprise Search ...


ajax search lite

is a live search plugin for WordPress. This responsive live search engine, which will boost your user experience by providing a user-friendly ajax powered search form – an ajax live search. You can filter the results with the category and post-type filter boxes as well. Google autocomplete and keyword suggestions are also included.

Free Lite Version - Ajax Search Pro for WordPress


10x faster than vBulletin search. 10x more results than XenForo search. With image search, spell correction, and blog search. Save server resources by offloading intensive search queries. Free for forums with up to 10 million posts.


Add a smart search engine to your e-commerce in 5 minutes and with no programming.
Doofinder increases sales because your customers search and find the most relevant results. Pricing begins at 29$ per month.

bing custom search

Bing Custom Search is an easy-to-use, ad-free custom search API that lets you deliver the search results you want.

Search and filter

Search & Filter is a simple search and filtering plugin for WordPress – it is an advancement of the WordPress search box.

amazon cloud search 

Amazon CloudSearch is a managed service in the AWS Cloud that makes it simple and cost-effective to set up, manage, and scale a search solution


Solr is an open-source enterprise-search platform, written in Java, from the Apache Lucene project. Its major features include full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, real-time indexing, dynamic clustering, database integration, NoSQL features, and rich document handling

elastic search

Elasticsearch is a search engine based on the Lucene library. It provides a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents. Elasticsearch is developed in Java


Smart search & Instant search by Searchanise is an application for an on-site search that provides a fast and relevant instant search


Free site search engine. Add a site search engine to your website today, for free, in less than ten minutes. Choose from Free and Pro site search engines.


Findberry Site Search is an easy to set up, fully customizable and completely ad-free site search service


Klevu instant site search solution for eCommerce stores. Most advanced self-learning site search technology for online stores.

instant search plus

Lightning Fast, Highly Relevant, Self-Learning Search … for all major eCommerce platforms:

  1. searchiqSearchIQ provides an enhanced search experience to your WordPress site by delivering fast and accurate search results as you type.
  2. cludo Cludo is a groundbreaking site search platform designed to help your website and marketing teams create a spectacular visitor experience.
  3. Sniperfast-SniperFast is amazingly fast.  It returns results in milliseconds, even in websites with millions of products, without ever reloading the page.
  4. coveo Coveo’s AI-powered search brings relevance to every interaction customers, partners and employees have with your organization.
  5. sooqr Sooqr Search is the fastest, most relevant and innovative site search engine for your website. It comes for ecommerce and content.
  6. Transparensee-Transparensee provides an integrated search platform with a number of powerful features, including: best-in-class fuzzy matching, structured data navigation and visualization, and free text search.
  7. sajari-AI-driven search and matching solutions, powering smarter consumer interfaces. Optimize customer experience and conversion with data-led relevance.
  8. convermax-Search Engine tailor-made for Ecommerce websites. Improves user experience, customer satisfaction and increases bottom line conversion rate.
  9. lucidworks– With Lucidworks Managed Search, developers can build cloud-native search applications, automatically scale workloads, apply role-based access controls, monitor events, and integrate with multiple source systems.
  10. duckduckgo custom search– Add a DuckDuckGo search box to your site! Feel free to adjust the settings below. Then, just copy and paste the code into your website.
  11. yandex site search– Site Search helps you to quickly add a full-fledged search function to your website, using Yandex’s indexation and ranking mechanisms. It includes all the usual Yandex search functions: It understands various word forms, and corrects mistakes and typos, as well as incorrect keyboard layouts.
  12. hawk search– The preferred search engine to deliver personalized search results that convert. Hawksearch provides website search on any platform
  13. eland– Tornado Search is the most mature search engine in China. With excellent semantic analysis and efficient search technology, site search can help companies quickly access information and integrate multiple data sources.
  14. querylyQueryly Search Cloud helps users find more relevant content instantly. THey bring the power of Google/Bing to your site.
  15. atomz– Atomz Hosted Search will crawl your site and store your info in a remote database. When someone enters a query in the search form on your site, the Atomz server application receives the query, formats the results, and sends them back in an HTML form with links directly to the pages on your site.
  16. Google custom search-With Google Custom Search, add a search box to your homepage to help people find what they need on your website.
  17. xcart cloud search– CloudSearch is a powerful search & navigation engine for X-Cart 5. It provides smart and fast product search and rich filtering experience to your customers, increasing your conversion rates and sales.
  18. sphinxSphinx is an open source full text search server, designed with performance, relevance (search quality), and integration simplicity in mind.
  19. manticore search- Open source text search engine for big data and stream filtering
  20. whoosh-Whoosh is a fast, pure Python search engine library.The primary design impetus of Whoosh is that it is pure Python. You should be able to use Whoosh anywhere you can use Python, no compiler or Java required.Like one of its ancestors, Lucene, Whoosh is not really a search engine, it’s a programmer library for creating a search engine [1].
  21. Bing custom search-Bing Custom Search is an easy-to-use, ad-free custom search API that lets you deliver the search results you want.
  22. measured search/Searchstax-The fastest, easiest and most economical way to run and manage Apache Solr in the cloud. The hosted Solr leader.
  23. azuresearch-Azure Search is the only cloud search service with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that enrich all types of information to easily identify and explore relevant content at scale. It uses the same integrated Microsoft natural language stack that Bing and Office have used for more than a decade and prebuilt AI APIs across vision, language and speech. Spend more time innovating and less time maintaining a complex cloud search solution.
  24. redisearch-RediSearch is a powerful text search and secondary indexing engine, built on top of Redis as a Redis module. Unlike Redis search libraries, it does not use Redis’ internal data structures. Using its own highly optimized data structures and algorithms, RediSearch allows for advanced search features, with high performance and a small memory footprint. It can perform simple text searches as well as complex structured queries, filtering by numeric properties and geographical distances.
  25. Datapark search engine-DataparkSearch Engine is a full-featured open sources web-based search engine released under the GNU General Public License and designed to organize search within a website, group of websites, intranet or local system.
  26. searchblox Site Search with smart relevance, speed and quick integration. 199$ per month.
  27. vespaThe open big data serving engine: Store, search, rank and organize big data at user serving time.
  28. cloudsh Powerful search for your website with a few lines of JavaScript. Works great with static sites!
  29. sparqDeliver an intuitive search experience to your customers, improve product discovery & boost conversions.
  30. findify-Quickly and easily add real-time personalized search, recommendations and collections to your online store.
  31. apisearchSearch over millions of documents, and give to your users unique, amazing and unforgettable experiences. Based on elastic search.
  32. WP Extended Search Control WordPress default search to search in Post Meta, Categories, Tags or Custom Taxonomies via admin settings. Admin can select meta keys to search in, also can control the default behavior of search in post title or post content.

  33. Zoomd-Search is one of your site’s most valuable feature. Zoomd’s powerful site search solution increases engagement and avg session length. It boosts your top content, and delivers the deep analytics you need to reveal true visitor intent, while earning more revenues.
  34. Tipue– Tipue Search is free for both commercial and non-commercial use. It doesn’t show advertising or branding.
  35. elasticlunr Elasticlunr.js is a lightweight full-text search engine in Javascript for browser search and offline search. Elasticlunr.js is developed based on Lunr.js, but more flexible than lunr.js. Elasticlunr.js provides Query-Time boosting and field search. Elasticlunr.js is a bit like Solr, but much smaller and not as bright, but also provide flexible configuration and query-time boosting.
  36. strus– The open source project Strus provides a collection libraries and command line tools written in C++ for building a competitive, scalable full-text search engine.
    The Strus search engine can be built using any key value store database that provides an upper bound seek function for the stored key/value pairs. Currently, there exists an implementation based on the LevelDB library.
  37. manticore search Open source text search engine for big data and stream filtering
  38. open semantic searchFree Software for your own Search Engine, Explorer for Discovery of large document collections, Media Monitoring, Text Analytics, Document Analysis & Text Mining platform based on Apache Solr or Elasticsearch open-source enterprise-search and Open Standards for Linked Data, Semantic Web & Linked Open Data integration.
  39. searchnodeAI-Enriched eCommerce Search Solution
  40. mars flag

    MARS FINDER is a website search service designed to utilize the maximum potential of a website. MARS FINDER quickly and precisely guides visitors to the information they need. Various search logs support smooth communication between companies and their customers as indicators for website improvement.

    The search service is highly regarded for being easy to understand and for being highly advanced, and it is used by many companies, organizations and government offices, including many companies listed on the stock market.

  41. sync search
  42. findologic
  43. funnelback
  44. empathy.co
  45. Mars flag
  46. prefix box
  47. x cart cloud search
  48. omega instant search
  49. nextopia
  50. Collection filter
  51. Siteseeker
  52. unbxd
  53. empathybroker
  54. searchify
  55. constructor.io
  56. search magic
  57. easyask
  58. agentave
  59. sphereup
  60. Azzimov
  61. whoosh
  62. redisearch
  63. items api
  64. vespa
  65. luigis box
  66. typesense
  67. searchly
  68. searchstax
  69. Ambar
  70. Bonsai
  71. Qbox
  72. Found elasticsearch
  73. SLI systems
  74. Bing image search api
  75. Bing news search api
  76. TNT search driver
  77. Attivio
  78. Certona
  79. Relevanassi
  80. Ivory search
  81. WPC smart search
  82. Tagalys
  83. Celebros
  84. ACF advanced search-This plugin adds to default WordPress search engine the ability to search by content from selected fields of Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Everything works automatically, no need to add any additional code. Additionally you can search for whole phrases instead of each single word of phrase. As a result, search will be more accurate than before.

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