Here are 100+  AOE 2 short cuts to improve your gaming performance.aoe 2 shortcuts

Unit Commands:

Attack Ground- T
Convert- C
Delete Unit- delete
Economic Buildings- B
Garrison- G-
Heal- E
Military Buildings- V
Pack- P
Repair- R
Set gather point- I
Stop- s
Unload- L
Unpack- U

Game Commands:

Chat Dialog- Alt+T
Diplomacy- Alt+D
Display Game time- F11
Display Statistics- F4
Display Tech Tree- F2
Flare- Alt+F

Go to:
Archery Range- Ctrl+A
Barracks- Ctrl+B
Blacksmith- Ctrl+S
Castle- Ctrl+V
Dock- Ctrl+D
Last Notification- Home
Lumber Camp- Ctrl+Z
Market- Ctrl+M
Mill- Ctrl+I
Mining Camp- Ctrl+G
Monastery- Ctrl+Y
Next Idle Villager- , (Comma)
Next Idle Military Unit- . (Period)
Selected Object- Space Bar
Siege Workshop- Ctrl+K
Stable- Ctrl+L
Town Center- H
University- Ctrl+U
Mini-Map combat mode- Alt+C
Mini-Map Economic Mode- Alt+R
Mini-Map Normal Mode- Alt+N
Objectives- Alt+O
Pause Game- F3 or Pause/Break
Review Chat messages backwards- Page Up
Review Chat messages Forwards- Page Down
Save Game- F12
Send Chat message- Enter
Speed up game- Num +
Slow down game- Num –

Scroll Commands:

Scroll Up- up
Scroll Down- Down
Scroll Right- Right
Scroll Left- Left

Villager Build:

Archery Range- A
Barracks- B
Blacksmith- S
Bombard Tower- J
Castle- V
Dock- D
Farm- F
Fish Trap- R
Gate- /
House- E
Lumber Camp- Z
Market- M
Mill- I
Mining Camp- G
Monastery- Y
More Buildings- X
Outpost- Q
Palisade Wall- P
Siege Workshop- K
Stable- L
Stone Wall- W
Tower- T
Town Center- N
University- U
Wonder- O

Town Center:

Go Back to Work- W
Ring Town Bell- B
Villager- C


Build Longboat- L
Cannon Galleon- C
Demolition Ship/Heavy Dem ship- D
Fire ship/Fast fire ship- R
Galley/War Galley/Galleon- A
Trade Cog- T
Transport- P

Archery Range:

Archer/Crossbowman/Arbalest- A
Cavalry Archer/Heavy Cav. Archer- C
Hand Cannoneer- E
Skirmisher/Elite Skirmisher- R


Militia/Man-at-arms/etc.- S
Spearman/Pikeman- E


Scout Calvary/Light Calvary- T
Knight/Cavalier/Paladin- N
Camel/Heavy Camel- C

Siege Workshop:

Battering Ram/Capped Ram/Siege Ram- R
Bombard Cannon- C
Mangonel/Onager/Siege Onager- A
Scorpion/Heavy Scorpion- N


Trebuchet- R
Unique Unit- T


Monk- T


Trade Cart- T

Military Units:

Aggressive- A
Box- W
Defensive- D
Flank- F
Follow- C
Guard- X
Line- Q
No Attack- O
Patrol- Z
Staggered- E
Stand Ground- N

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