5 ways you can find similar websites for free

Finding similar websites is a common task that many lead generation professionals come across in their day to day life. Fortunately, u don’t need to buy any costly tools to do this. Here are 5 free tools to find similar websites.

  1. Semrush– Go to semrush and enter a website URL and choose domain research to get a list of similar websites under the organic competitors tab. find similar sites
  2. Google- Go to google.com and search for related:google.com. This will give a list of websites similar to google.com.
  3. Linkedin- Go to linkedin.com. Use the search bar to enter the website URL. You will get a list of similar websites under the similar companies recommendations.
  4. Similarweb– Enter the website URL in similarweb and go to the competitors section at the bottom of the page.similar sites similarweb
  5. Alexa similar sites– Alexa similar sites is a ready-made tool for you to use.Alexa rank
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