chandramukhi 2 review

Chandramukhi 2 Review: A Familiar Sequel in Tamil Cinema’s Supernatural Realm

Is the new era of learning 50. Hello and welcome to Karate Plus! In this video review episode, we are going to be talking about P Vasu’s ‘Chandramukhi 2.’ The film, a generic origin story, surprisingly manages to stay watchable.

‘Chandramukhi 2’ is P Vasu’s latest spin-off of Fazil’s ‘Manichithrathazhu.’ It kicks off with a series of unfortunate events plaguing a wealthy family, leaving someone in a wheelchair and another dead. Radhika Kumar plays the matriarch of this affluent clan, with a wardrobe of ever-changing silk sarees that seem primed for a Diwali celebration.

The family’s priest suggests a visit to their family deity in their ancestral hometown, where one young woman questions these beliefs. The film melds the concept of ancestral presence with a double helix, a narrative choice that leads to a maze of twists and turns.

Raghava Lawrence steps into the role once held by Rajinikanth, performing supernatural feats that rival the opening scene’s jaw-dropping school bus rescue. Lawrence, though not a remarkable actor, doesn’t take himself too seriously, which benefits the film.

As the story unfolds in the hometown with its eerie happenings, a plethora of characters, including a woman rescued from a Rangoli, emerge, leaving you wondering about their purpose in the plot. The film introduces a matted-hair ascetic and features unconvincing CGI animals lurking in the background.

Lakshmi Menon makes a surprising comeback, adding to the intrigue. Kangana Ranaut plays the OG Chandramukhi, but her character’s lack of screen time prevents her from making a memorable impact. Her character is burdened with choreography and a fascination for beheadings, a trend in Tamil cinema.

While ‘Chandramukhi 2’ manages to stay within the boundaries of the original formula, it doesn’t offer much innovation. If there’s a part three, it may involve the ghost of Manichithrathazhu seeking revenge on these two Tamil remixes.

In conclusion, ‘Chandramukhi 2’ is a familiar sequel in the supernatural realm of Tamil cinema. It retains the essence of the original but fails to break new ground. Despite its shortcomings, it remains watchable, especially for fans of the franchise. If you enjoy this video review, please subscribe to Galata Plus, and until next time, see you at the movies!