how to buy safemoon

How to buy safemoon token

Method 1: Using Pancakeswap

  1. Download the Trustwallet app and set up your watch along with your catchphrase (save this somewhere safe).
  2. Purchase BNB or BSC (binance smart chain) from Binance.
  3. Go to Dapps tab inside your trustwallet and click on Pancakeswap.
  4. Click on “select a currency” and enter the safemoon contract address into the search box. 0x8076c74c5e3f5852037f31ff0093eeb8c8add8d3 (this will add safemoon to the list of coins that you can buy using pancakeswap).
  5. Before swapping, click on the cogwheel and set slippage to 11%. Sometimes setting the slippage to 12% might work.
  6. Now set the amount you want to purchase and press the swap button.
  7. Confirm the transaction on your wallet.

Method 2- Using coinbase

  1. Signing up for Coinbase and Bitmart.
  2. Buy XLM and send it to Bitmart from Coinbase.
  3. Sell the XLM in Bitmart. Buy safemoon.


By Muthali Ganesh

I am an engineer wih a masters in business administration from Chennai, India. I love discovering and sharing hacks.