[AOE] | How to play age of empires 2 multiplayer online (aoe2) using voobly or steam

Here are easy steps to play age of empires 2 online on wifi mulltiplayer

  1. Buy the age of empires game from here for $1 (234 MB).
  2. Install Aoe 2- by clicking on the icon and installing
  3. Method 1: Over LAN
    • Open age of empires game (age2_x1.exe)
    • Allow through windows firewall. Turn off windows firewall if possible.
    • Click multiplayer->create game.
    • Choose map, game speed, size, resources etc and click i’m ready.
    • Ask your friends to join by
      1. playing over internet-> click on multiplayer , click on internet tcp/ip and enter the IP address of the person who is hosting.
      2. playing over lan ->Multiplayer-> LAN TCP IP Connection and click on the game you want to join.
  4. Method 2- Using Voobly-
    • Download voobly client from here (10 MB).
    • Sign up for a voobly login from here (https://www.voobly.com/signup).
    • Login to your voobly client .
    • Go to file-> Game browser->AOE2 new player lobby.
    • Join a room and start playing.
  5. Using steam- Please note that in this method you will have to buy the game from steam playstore.
    • Download steam client from this link https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/client/installer/SteamSetup.exe and install.
    • Create a steam account.
    • Login to your steam client-> go to store and search for aoe 2
    • Buy and install the game ( you will have to choose a payment method). If you dont want to pay you can choose the above two methods. That’s it. Enjoy your aoe 2 game. 14!

Age of Empires 2

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  1. Alternative:

    Download Hamachi and sign up.
    Connect to set up network or set up a new one.

    1.Right click connection and then »Open Network & Internet settings«

    2. »Change adapter options«

    3.Right click Hamachi adapter and click »Properties«

    4. Click properties of »Internet Protocol Version 4« and then also for »Internet Protocol version 6«

    5. Click »Advanced«

    6.Set Hamachi Network Interface metrics (IPV4 and IPV6) to »2«

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