Russia Begins 10-Day War Games In Belarus Amid Ukraine TensionsAlamy

Russia and Belarus are conducting 10 days of war games following fears they will invade Ukraine.

Russian and Belarusian troops have begun 10 days of joint military drills amid tensions over a possible invasion of Ukraine, the BBC reports.

Some 30,000 Russian troops are set to participate in the military drills with Belarusian soldiers, which are seen as provocative given the rising tensions in recent weeks and concerns that Russia could be set to invade Ukraine.

The US has called the drills an ‘escalatory’ move, while Vladimir Putin has insisted he has no plans to invade Ukraine despite moving 100,000 troops to the Ukrainian border.

Vladimir Putin. (Alamy)Alamy

Putin insists he is only trying to halt the expansion of the NATO defence alliance to include Ukraine and that Russia and Belarus are being ‘confronted with unprecedented threats’.

The Russian leader has demanded legally binding guarantees that Ukraine will not join NATO and that the alliance reduces its deployment of troops across Eastern Europe.

Russia shares a border with five NATO countries, those being Norway and former members of the Soviet Union Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, though only 6% of Russia’s borders actually make contact with a NATO country.

According to iNews, more NATO troops and equipment are moving to Eastern Europe amid growing tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

A series of diplomatic meetings between the leaders of NATO countries and Russia has thus far failed to produce a diplomatic solution to the possibility of invasion.

NATO said its alliance is purely defensive, and that there is nothing stopping Ukraine from applying to join up if they so wish.

It has also said it welcomes Ukrainian aspirations to join the alliance, and that Russia has no right to intervene in any potential process as every country has the right to choose its own security arrangements.

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