jawan movie review

Jawan Movie Review: A Mass Entertainer Lacking Depth


In “Jawan,” Shah Rukh Khan takes on the role of a mysterious, bald-headed man who plunges us into the world of mass cinema with a bang. The film, directed by Atlee, promises a rollercoaster ride of action and entertainment but ultimately leaves much to be desired.

Shah Rukh Khan, as always, is in his element, fully embracing the mass hero persona. His dual role, first as a charismatic hijacker of a train with an army of women and then as an older man with a penchant for ass-kicking, showcases his versatility and charisma. His performance is undoubtedly one of the film’s highlights.

However, the film’s greatest flaw lies in its overstuffed screenplay. “Jawan” attempts to tackle a myriad of societal issues, from vigilante justice to broken healthcare systems and environmental pollution, leaving no stone unturned. Unfortunately, this results in a lack of focus and emotional impact. The film feels like a disjointed collection of vocational highlights rather than a coherent narrative.

Atlee’s approach to mass cinema, while entertaining, comes off as a bit shallow. It feels like a colorful, hyper-cut animated show designed to keep viewers occupied rather than engaging them in a meaningful story. While not every film needs to be a masterpiece of storytelling, “Jawan” misses the mark by failing to strike a balance between spectacle and substance.

The film’s attempt to convey numerous messages further dilutes its impact. Atlee seems to have borrowed heavily from his mentor, Shankar, incorporating elements like vigilante justice, masked heroes, and fights against corruption. However, instead of creating a focused narrative, “Jawan” is weighed down by the inclusion of multiple mini-flashbacks and subplots. This scattered approach leaves the audience wanting more depth and coherence.

Despite its shortcomings, “Jawan” does have its moments of brilliance. Deepika Padukone shines in her role, bringing dignity and agency to her character. The film’s flashback sequence, centered around her character, harks back to the golden era of masala cinema, reminding us of the power of storytelling and character development.

The film’s scale and grandeur are impressive, with Anirudh’s electrifying background score adding to the excitement. However, the hyper-edited scenes and quick cutaways make it challenging to connect with the characters and their emotions. Even the tragedies in the film are presented in a rushed manner, failing to evoke the intended impact.

Acting and Roles in “Jawan”:

    • Shah Rukh Khan: Shah Rukh Khan delivers a terrific performance, playing two contrasting roles. As the mysterious bald-headed man and an older ass-kicking character, he showcases his versatility and charisma, stealing the show with his on-screen presence.
    • Deepika Padukone: Deepika Padukone stands out with her role in the film. Her character brings dignity and agency to the story, and her performance reminds us of the golden era of masala cinema, adding depth to the narrative.
    • Vijay Sethupathi: Vijay Sethupathi, while a talented actor, appears ill at ease in his role as the antagonist. His character, responsible for the deaths of Indian soldiers and environmental pollution, lacks the depth and impact one would expect.
    • Nayanthara: Nayanthara’s character starts off as a strong negotiator out to get the vigilante but loses her strength as the plot unfolds. Her performance is overshadowed by the film’s scattered storytelling.
    • Priyamani: Priyamani’s character, like Nayanthara’s, feels interchangeable and lacks development. She fails to come alive as a character, largely due to the film’s focus on spectacle over substance.

  • Sanya Malhotra: Sanya Malhotra, despite her talent, is underutilized in her role. Her character, like the others, is hampered by the film’s rushed narrative and lack of emotional depth.
  • Yogi Babu: Yogi Babu provides comic relief in the film, playing the character Pappu. His humor adds a light-hearted touch to the otherwise action-packed storyline.
  • Others: Many other actors have minor roles in “Jawan,” and their performances are overshadowed by the film’s focus on its leads. While some actors manage to make a fleeting impression, the film’s lack of character development leaves many of them feeling interchangeable and underutilized.

In conclusion, “Jawan” is a mass entertainer that falls short of its potential. While it offers moments of exhilarating action and spectacle, it lacks the depth and coherence needed to make it a memorable film. Shah Rukh Khan’s charisma and Deepika Padukone’s standout performance save the film from being a complete disappointment. Nevertheless, for those seeking a mindless, popcorn-munching experience, “Jawan” may still have some appeal. However, for those looking for substance in their entertainment, it’s best to lower your expectations. “Jawan” is a reminder that even mass movies require good writing to truly shine.