magento search not working-How to fix?

Magento is a popular shopping cart solution that offers more than just e-commerce features. A number of developers have created extensions for Magento, including modules and themes that can transform the look of your website. However, there are some issues with the Magento Search feature which you may need to address if your site doesn’t seem to be searching as expected. You can find this information on the SiteGround blog where we offer solutions for fixing Magento’s many problems.

In this article, we’ll provide a few tips and tricks for troubleshooting Magento search functionality in order to get back up and running quickly!

1. Clear Magento Cache

To clear your magento website cache,  follow this steps:

1. Login into magento administration panel.

2. Click System > Cache Management from the left menu bar.

3. Click Select All button and click on Delete icon on top toolbar to clear cache.

4. Click save changes . That’s it! Now search should be working fine on your website as expected .

2. Re-Index Data

Check if all your products are indexed in your magento store. In your Magento Admin Panel, go to: System →Index Managment → click on the text in the left “select all” → Go to the right in the drop down select “Reindex Data” → And click “submit”. Once you reindex data, you should be able to search items as expected.

3. Clean and Optimize Database

You can do this job by using “phpMyAdmin” which is located in your Magento Admin Panel. Login to your Magento Admin account then go to: System → Permissions → check “Allow access to web services interface” then click on “Go” → phpMyAdmin.

4. Disable Search Autocomplete in Magento Admin Panel

You can disable search autocompleting when you are in admin panel by following this steps:

1. Login to your magento store admin panel.

2. Click on System > Configuration from the left menu bar.

3. Under the Advanced tab, click on “Yes” for Disable Search Autocomplete.

4. Click save config and exit

After doing this: go to your Magento Admin Panel → System Configuration , and select Catalog from the menu on the left side.

5. Clear Magento Cache after disabling search autocomplete in magento admin panel

5. Check theme related Issues

To check if Magento theme is causing this problem, drop down your menu and switch from the default magento-theme to a another theme. If search is working fine on another theme then you have an issue with your current Magento theme. You may want to check that by using a child theme source code or try installing a new one.

6. Check Database Server

Login to your magento store admin panel and go to: System → Configuration → Advanced → Developer, you should see “Server mode” set on “Production”. If not set it on Production mode then check the setting of the parameter in your php.ini file for production mode.

7. Fix search issue with magento search plugins

There are many plugins to fix magento search issue available in the market, you can use one of these tools:

1- Redy Search Magento plugin

2- Solr Magento Plugin

3* Seach dropdown for magento

4* ZOHO AutoSuggest Magento Plugins

8. Configure Product Attributes

Maybe you haven’t configured the product attributes properly? Check the products attributes. To manage it go to: Catalog → Attributes → Manage attributes .

9. “Configuration of search”

Did you configure the catalog search?

To change it, go to: System → Configuration , in the menu on the left, click on “catalog” and go to “Catalog search” tab and configure it like this:

1. Search Type : “Simple”

2. Scope : “ Global, All Stores ”

3. Store View Selection : “ Current store view only”

4. Attribute Weighting for Ranking: select the attribute in which you want to rank by default then move it up in order in the list.

6. Catalog Search vs Product Filter

It’s recommended not to have both catalog search and product filter enabled at the same time, so disable one of them. To do that go to: Catalog → Search → select “No” for “Enable Catalog Search” or “Enable Advanced Filters”.

10. Update Magento to Latest Version

It’s possible that you don’t have the latest version of Magento installed on your website, so check if you are using latest magento version by go to System → Configuration → Advanced → System . If it’s not updated, update it then clear all cache after updating magento source code.

If you are experiencing difficulties with Magento Search, the first thing to check is if there’s an issue with your products attributes or catalog search. If those two things look good then explore other possible causes such as a theme that isn’t optimized for search, database issues, and plugins. Finally, be sure to keep up-to-date on the latest release of Magento by checking for updates regularly and clearing cache after updating magento source code. The more time spent exploring all options before reaching out to our team will save us both valuable time in the long run so we can streamline this process together!  Interested? Let us know what has been going wrong with your Magento store so far and let’s get started solving these




By Muthali Ganesh

I am an engineer wih a masters in business administration from Chennai, India. I love discovering and sharing hacks.