Nike Business principles

Nike’s Original Business Principles

Here are Nike’s Business principles as per online resources.

  1. Our Business is change.
  2. We’re on offense. All the time.
  3. Perfect results count– not a perfect process. Break the rules: fight the law.
  4. This is as much about battle as about business.
  5. Assume nothing, make sure people keep their promises, push yourself push others, stretch the possible.
  6. Live off the land.
  7. Your job isn’t done until the job is done.
  8. Dangers.
    1. Bureaucracy.
    2. Personal ambition.
    3. Energy takers vs energy givers.
    4. Knowing your weaknesses.
    5. Don’t get too many things on the platter.
  9. It won’t be pretty.
  10. If we do the right things, we’ll make money damn near automatic.