Redbus cancellation charges and policy

Usually, for most of the buses in Redbus, the following cancellation charges hold good. You can cancel your tickets from here.

  • 12 hours before travel- 10%

  • 6 hours before travel- 25%

  • 3 hours before travel- 50%

  • Last 3 hours before travel- 100%

redbus cancellation charges

In Redbus, each operator has his own cancellation policy.

To view the cancellation policy of the Redbus bus operator,

  • Use the search engine below to search for your travel operator.
  • Click on view seats.
  • Click on the cancellation policy.redbus cancellation


Redbus travels search engine

Here is a complete list of all the operators in Redbus. paratwada



redbus cancellation
redbus cancellation

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