search google or type a URL

Search google of type URL is called the placeholder text in the Google search bar in your chrome browser. It basically reminds the user to either enter a search query so that it can search on Google or you can just paste any url that you want to visit (for example

In the Google search box “Search Google or Type a URL”. You have seen it thousands of times and it is easy to understand. Then, what interesting aspect of it that is discussed here. “Search Google or type a URL” is the default word displaying in the address bar or search box (now called Omnibox) when you open a new tab in the Chrome browser. It gives you two options to choose from for continuing to use Chrome. You can either type a keyword of what you want into the Omnibox and press Enter to see the search result or just input the specific URL into the Omnibox and press Enter to directly go to the page

  1. Search google- Prompts you to enter a search query to search google.
  2. Type a URL- Enter a URL to directly go to the website if you remember the URL of the website.
search google or type a url

If you want to change this “search google or type a URL” text to something else, follow the steps below

  1. You can just right click on the text and do an inspect element and change the placeholder value to any text of your liking.
  2. You can also change the default search engine of your browser to Duckduckgo, yahoo or Bing.
search google or type a URL

By Muthali Ganesh

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