Free Semrush chrome Extensions – Install Now!

Here are Four free SEMRUSH Chrome extensions that we have built to make keyword research using semrush easier.

SEMRUSH chrome extension for domain analytics

this chrome extenion opens a given website int the domain analytics section of SEMRUSH


SEMRUSH Advertising Research

This chrome extension open the current website you are browsing in the advertisement research section of SEMRUSH. Both these extensions are free to use. You can comment below on any new feature you want added to this extension..

Open in Semrush display advertising

Opens the current website in Semrush’s display advertising page
Opens the current tab in SEMRush’s disply advertising page for detailed research on advertising spend.


Open in SEMRUSH traffic analytics


Open in Semrush Traffic Analytics
Opens the current tab in Semrush traffic analytics for getting information about the website’s traffic information.