Here are some tips and trick I use for booking a tatkal ticket successfully.

  1. Login into irctc before 11:00 AM (or 10:00 AM for AC tatkal). Dont try to login after the tatkal time starts.
  2. Save your username and passwords to google chrome or browser ( this is helpful when your login fails and you have to relogin).
  3. Register for irctc ewallet feature so that you can pay faster during checkout.Tatkal ticket booking tricks and tips
  4. Add master list- This helps you fill passenger details faster Tatkal ticket booking tricks and tips
  5. Add favorite journey list to fill from and to stations fasterTatkal ticket booking tricks and tips
  6. Add a preffered bank list to select your bank faster.Tatkal ticket booking tricks and tips
  7. Save credit card details to chrome browser for faster payment (dont be typing your credit card during tatkal booking.Tatkal ticket booking tricks and tips
  8. Instead of tatkal, choose premium tatkal. Both the prices are same for the first few minutes and rush is less for premium tatkal. Prices for premium tatkal can go up as the time increases.
  9. Use irctc captcha solver to solve captchas faster. Download link here
  10. Block irctc disha app- Follow instructions in this article.
  11. Sometimes during tatkal time, the NLP captcha doesnt load. Use login with OTP at such times for faster loginTatkal ticket booking tricks and tips

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