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The Hunt for Veerappan Review | Netflix TV series reviews

“The Hunt for Veerappan” grabs you and doesn’t let go. This show dives deep into the story of how they nabbed a big-time criminal, Veerappan, in India. The series spills the beans on all the crazy stuff that went down during the chase, giving you a front-row seat to the police’s game of cat and mouse.


“The Hunt for Veerappan” is like a finely woven tale, pulling you right into the heart of India’s crime scene. They mix interviews, old clips, and acted scenes to cook up a narrative that’s both exciting and makes you scratch your head. The story rolls out in a way that keeps your brain gears turning, showing you just how much sweat the police poured into this hunt.

What sets this show apart is that it doesn’t just paint characters as good or bad. You get to see folks like Shankar Bidari and K Vijayakumar in 3D – they’re not just regular cops. Each episode hits you with a new twist, keeping you on your toes. The visuals drop you right into the thick of the action, deep in the forests and faraway corners where all the drama unfolded.

The show doesn’t stop at the action; it dives into the world around it. They dish out the scoop on what was going on at the time and show you why it was like herding cats for the police. It opens up the moral minefield they had to tiptoe through to catch Veerappan.


One character that sticks out is Muthulakshmi, Veerappan’s wife. She’s like the missing puzzle piece that makes you rethink the whole picture. Her story adds layers to Veerappan’s story, and you start seeing why he did the things he did. It’s like looking at the other side of the coin – how the people he cared about got caught in the crossfire.

Muthulakshmi’s angle hits you in the gut because you realize how Veerappan’s actions weren’t just about him. They tore through his family too. Her part in the show shakes you up a bit and brings home the fact that crime’s reach goes way beyond headlines.

Shankar Bidari wasn’t just a cop; he was a slick operator. He’s like the mastermind behind the scenes, making things happen. He had to deal with some wild situations and keep his head on straight. It’s a reminder that being a cop isn’t all fun and games – it’s a mental workout.

K Vijayakumar is another key player. He shows how a bunch of different teams of cops can work together to take down a big fish. Teamwork’s the name of the game, and this guy proves it.

“Operation Cocoon” is the cherry on top of the story. It’s this bold move they pulled off to catch Veerappan. The risks they took and the plans they hatched will leave you wide-eyed. You see just how far the police have to stretch to nab the bad guys.