Mystery shopping companies in the UAE

Mystery shopping in the UAE is a very useful and effective way to gain insights into your customers minds. Here are the top 10 mystery shopping companies in the UAE that can help you in improving your online and offline customer service.

  1. SISADUBAI– SISA Marketing has been successfully running several mystery shopping programs in both the UAE and the wider MENA region. Their clients include well-known brands from different market sectors including Food and Beverage, Tourism & Leisure Outlets, Retail Stores, Beauty Spas, Medical Institutions as well as Finance & Banking. They have a solid network of over 500 independent contractors within the UAE and another 500 across the Middle East. Their mystery shoppers come from different backgrounds and are highly qualified, well experienced and trained to provide high quality detailed information.
  2. Ensure UAE-Their mystery shopping courses are designed and implemented by Service Performance Group.  Actionable results for your each individual stores with data further distilled for senior management use, assisting with your continual improvement and increase your trend identifying strengths and opportunities. You can expect increased customer loyalty, repeat sales and customer goodwill from word of mouth .Their on site mystery shopping includes the following components, in addition to client specific criteria:
    • Staff Appearance, Availability and Friendliness
    • Associate Availability, Wait Times
    • Willingness to Assist.
    • Receiving the order and handling/suggesting
    • Cleanliness of the place/ambience/appearance
    • Presentation of the food as per standard
    • Standard of food delivery
    • Up-selling / Add on Sales
    • Product Knowledge of the staff
    • Sales Skills
    • Overcoming Objections and handling customer complaint
    • Ability to Close the Sale
    • Cash Wrap
    • Returns
    • Physical Plant Readiness

    Apart from that they also provide the following service in association with the above.

    • Manufacturer Brand Audits
    • Website Queries & Purchases
    • Competitor Evaluations
    • Customer Intercepts
  3. Panaly-Their mystery shopping services cover a diverse range of sectors and operations including hotels, retail outlets, airports, universities, schools, restaurants, automotive dealerships and salons.Their access to a network of high net worth individuals distinguishes us from other mystery shopping companies in Dubai and also provides us with the advantage of effectively and believably mystery shopping luxury establishments.
  4. Sgs-Some of the activities their teams carry out include:
    • Making an enquiry and registering for membership
    • Making a phone reservation or booking
    • Visiting to dine and experience the entertainment
    • Staying overnight in a hotel, which may include use of some or all of the facilities
    • Purchasing a product, examining the product presentation and attributes
    • Seeking advice from reception, management or a central function
  5. UndercoverTheir Mystery shopping services will help you in
    • track the extent to which you are delivering on your promises to your target market.
    • provide you with real-time actionable data on the various areas and aspects of customer engagement
    • identify the areas of improvement and work on them to facilitate your business growth.
    • speed up the process of tracking the success of changes implemented.
  6. They hire people who meet the target customer profile, give them a questionnaire for recording their experience, and train them on how to measure different parameters. These persons is called a Mystery Shopper. These mystery shoppers then visit the place posing to be a customer and make careful record of items they have been asked to measure. The data is reported to the mystery shopping agencies, who gathers and analyzes data collected from different places to help their clients measure and improve their customer experience.
  7. Customerimpactinfo-
    1. In-person Mystery Shopping evaluations
    2. Call Center customer service checks with audio recording
    3. Online surveys
    4. New product/promotional item testing & review
    5. Customer satisfaction surveys via receipts or table-top collateral
    6. Competitive activity/monitoring
    7. Franchise compliance checks
    • Promoters global- Their mystery shoppers provide retail insight marketing services in Dubai, UAE, offering a range of services from price, promotion, space, range, availability and compliance audits through to large scale customer feedback surveys and mystery shopping programmes.
  8. MysteryShoppers approach is designed to isolate the key behaviors that drive customer delight and show our clients in the UAE how to leverage this information to increase customer loyalty and profitability..
  9. TTE gulf – Secret shoppers are often given assignments to simply test the service skills of the employees. Some of the common things secret shoppers will be looking for include:
    • How long it takes before the secret shopper is greeted
    • How was the secret shopper treated during their visit at the location
    • Cleanliness of location and employees
    • Quality and taste of meal served
    • Selection of products/food and prices
    • Speed and efficiency of service

By Muthali Ganesh

I am an engineer wih a masters in business administration from Chennai, India. I love discovering and sharing hacks.