Search is one of the most important features on any website. It is the first thing that people turn to when they need help. Search is also a feature that is only accessible when your website is fully developed, which is why it is so important you add it. Fortunately for you, this article has all the information you need to add a search icon to your menu. From understanding the process to downloading the plugin, this article will walk you through everything.

What is a search icon?

A search icon is a button that allows your website visitors to search for a specific keyword or phrase within your website. The search icon can be found on the admin menu and can be set up for use on your website.

The process for adding a search icon

The process for adding a search icon to your menu in WordPress is relatively easy. First, go to the Appearance > Menus page in the WordPress dashboard and click on the Add New Menu button. Then, go to the Custom Menu tab and click on the Add Search Icon button. The next step is to add the search icon to your menu which is done on the Appearance > Menus > Custom Menu tab.

How to add a search icon in WordPress

Adding a search icon to your WordPress menu is a great way to make your website more accessible to users. The search icon will allow users to quickly find the content they are looking for. In this article, you will learn how to add a search icon to your WordPress menu.


How to Add the Icon to Your Menu

1. Create the text search button

Firstly, you will need to create the icon for the search button. Download the google search icon, then unzip the file.

Then create a new file and save it as .png or .jpg.

Next, we will need to edit the image file. Open up the image file in paint or any other image editing program.

The settings on the left show you how the icon should be altered for the menu.

Next highlight the icon.

Un-tick “transparent” on the left.

To the right of the “transparent” tick choose “multiply”.

Now tick “hard light”.

When happy, select “save”.

2. Add the image to your menu

Now we will need to add a file to our menu. Navigate back to the menu option in the settings.

Click “add new menu” again.

This time we are going to add the icon to the newly created menu.

Select the menu name. In this case, I have called mine “search”.

Then select “show widget”.

Navigate to the menu section, and select the newly created search menu.

Select the “show” button.

Select “show widget”.

Select the “customizer” option on the left.

Select “widgets”.

Find the search box section.

Click on it.

Find the “customize” button on the top right.

Select “search”.

Select the file you just edited from the location you saved it.


Click apply on the right.

Press save.

3. Adding the search icon to the theme

Next, we need to add this to the theme.

Edit the menu settings.

Select “edit theme”.

Navigate to the “menus” section.

Add the search icon to the top menu.

Select “add new menu”.

Enter a name for the menu, I chose “search”


The easiest way to add a search icon to your menu is to use a plugin called “Visual Shortcodes for Menu.” This plugin will allow you to add a search icon to your menu and it will also automatically add a search box to the top of your page. This plugin can be found on and is free to use.

By Muthali Ganesh

I am an engineer wih a masters in business administration from Chennai, India. I love discovering and sharing hacks.