wordpress search not working

WordPress search not working

If you are having issues with your WordPress search not working, you may be able to fix the issue by following these steps:  – Restarting your computer and browser. – Doing a hard refresh on your browser. (This is usually done by pressing Shift+F5). If this does not work, then do another hard refresh and try again. You can also clear the cache in some browsers if you have tried all of the above methods but still cannot find what you were looking for.


We all know the pain of not being able to find what we are looking for on our own blog. We have a great post that is perfect for this time of year, but it’s buried in an old draft folder and you can’t seem to remember how to get there. So, what do you do? Well, one option is just to give up and try again another day when you’re more prepared. The other option is that maybe your WordPress search isn’t working correctly or has been disabled by accident so let’s fix that!  You might be wondering why the search won’t work and if it was something wrong with your computer or browser. The truth is- WordPress’ search function often doesn’t work because a plugin may have been disabled.

This is an easy fix, but it can be frustrating if you don’t know which plugin to disable. I’m going to show you how to do that below! The first thing that we need to do in order to get the WordPress search working again enables the plugins in your WordPress dashboard. It could be a specific plugin, one that has been disabled by accident, or a WordPress search that might not be working at all. It is important to note that WordPress searches rely on plugins so if the WordPress search isn’t returning anything then you can also try disabling plugins until you find the culprit. If WordPress search results aren’t coming up in your dashboard, click on WordPress search word to open up the WordPress search page.

wordpress search not working

Enter your word into the word press search bar and press enter. The WordPress search results should populate below when you do this. It might take a few minutes if there are a lot of posts but it should eventually come back with something! If the WordPress search doesn’t work, try disabling plugins one by one and see if WordPress search starts working. If WordPress still isn’t showing you results then you can also try using the WordPress search troubleshooter to fix your wordpress search issues!

This is a step-by-step guide on how to get your WordPress search back up and running.

Do you know the feeling when your WordPress website search not working? When you’re trying to find a specific post on your website but it won’t show up in the search. It’s an awful feeling that usually ends with hours of searching online and tearing out your hair. This blog post is going to tell you why this might be happening, how to fix it, and what other options are available for fixing this issue if it continues.

Use WordPress search plugins to fix your wordpress search not working

You can use search plugins to replace your default WordPress search.


Relevannsi is a very popular WordPress search plugin. You can find it in http://relevanssi.com/

Relevanssi – A Better Search

Ivory search

Ivory search adds an advanced custom search to your WordPress site. It can be found at https://github.com/wearefractal/ivory-search. Installation is also pretty simple.

Ivory Search – WordPress Search Plugin

Ajax search lite

Ajax search adds a live search from your site with filters. You can find it in http://ajax-search-lite.com/

Ajax Search Lite

WP fastest site search

WP Fastest Site Search


WordPress search not returning results

The wordpress search not returning results issue could be caused by a number of factors, but the first thing that you will want to do is try clearing your wordpress search cache. If wordpress search is still showing no results after trying this then you can move on to disabling plugins one by one until wordpress search works again!

WordPress search form not working

WordPress search form not working is something that happens with wordpress search plugins from time to time. You can try clearing the wordpress search cache, or you might have the wordpress search language pack installed on your wordpress website. This has been known to cause wordpress searches not to return results also.

wordpress search not working

WordPress search settings

If you are using a third-party plugin, make sure to check the wordpress search settings. You can do this by looking in your wordpress dashboard under wordpress search for wordpress search form.

WordPress search results not working via mobile browser

If wordpress search not working on google chrome it could be because you have a third-party plugin that is blocking wordpress from doing anything and you might want to try disabling plugins one by one until wordpress search widget is working again.

WordPress search not wordpress returning any results from wordpress.com

If wordpress search widget not returning results from wordpress. com you might need to change your settings in the word press search panel under “search settings”. For some reason, it will have wordpress set to word press instead of word press. Fixing wordpress search results also might not wordpress working wordpress loading word press.com word press too fast word press down word press recent posts word press tags wordpress search widget results not returning

WordPress search is another great feature that WordPress provides you with, this way you can easily find any post or page on your website in an instant! If wordpress search plugin is causing issues, problem then we can help you fix it. Or if you are just looking for the ability to better customize how WordPress search works, check out this post on our blog!

WordPress admin search not working

WordPress admin search is used to search wordpress posts, wordpress pages. When wordpress admin search not working, wordpress users plan to use the wordpress premium wordpress plugin in order to perform the wordpress functionality they need.WordPress is the best CMS(content management system) for small businesses and bloggers.

WordPress search result page displays the title of the post and wordpress home page wordpress search word result will display the post body and wordpress category.

WordPress used a wordpress theme to show wordpress posts and wordpress pages in form of a wordpress blog. When you click on related articles, you can see posts from related categories..The most popular wordpress themes are: Avada,Now,Elegant, etc.

wordpress search not working


What are the possible causes of a WordPress search not working?

The WordPress search not working can be caused by many different reasons, here is a shortlist of possible causes:

– Plugin causing WordPress search not working. – A plugin may have been disabled and WordPress search isn’t returning search results because of it. – You may need to update WordPress for word press searches to work correctly again. – Your WordPress search might have been switched off by accident. Check if there is a plugin that could be causing WordPress search not working There are two easy ways to fix your WordPress search issues. The first thing you should try doing is enable all of the plugins and then see if WordPress search starts working again. Some of them may have been disabled by accident and WordPress search won’t work until you enable them! On the word press dashboard, click on plugins. All of your WordPress plugins will be listed here.

How to fix the WordPress search not working issue?

To fix WordPress searches, you can try disabling WordPress plugins one by one and seeing if WordPress searches will load up. It could be that a specific WordPress plugin is causing WordPress search results not working issue. You might have disabled it in the past or maybe it was updated and has caused WordPress plugin to stop working.

You can also try running a WordPress search troubleshooter and see if that fixes the WordPress search not working issue. It is a good place to start for those who don’t have any WordPress experience! Check word press search plugin settings The second thing you should try doing is checking WordPress search plugin settings. In the word press dashboard, click on plugins (google custom search engine).

What to do if your WordPress search doesn’t work

If your WordPress search doesn’t work, try replacing your search function using some other WordPress search plugins. If WordPress’s built-in search results isn’t working, then it might be a word press issue, and fixing WordPress search results not working issue may be more than you can handle. It is also important to note that word press 4.x has some WordPress search issues so you might want to try out a different WordPress theme for word press instead.

How to troubleshoot a broken WordPress search

Sometimes WordPress search doesn’t work and it can be hard to troubleshoot the WordPress search not working issue. A word press search will sometimes need a manual check for searches to come back up running again. To do this you don’t really want to go through each step because WordPress search troubleshooting is time-consuming. You can use some WordPress troubleshooting techniques but here are some word press themes for word press that are a good alternative to word press searches if your WordPress search isn’t working!

wordpress search not working

Try other WordPress search plugins word

If WordPress searches don’t work then you will need to find WordPress search word press plugins. You can also try WordPress themes for word press if default WordPress search is not working! I have created a list of word press search plugins and word press themes for word press here: http://www.wp-themes-book.

Make sure you are searching on the right blog

The first thing you should do is make sure that your website’s search really isn’t working. Sometimes things are so bad, it can be hard to tell what the problem actually is.

It’s pretty common for WordPress websites and blogs to have slightly different URLs depending on what page you’re visiting. You could possibly be searching a blog that runs on WordPress, but you are searching from the homepage and not a post. Or vice versa.

This is easy to fix – just type in the domain name into your browser bar (the URL at the top of your screen). If it takes you to a 404 error page, then this is probably what’s causing your trouble. Searching for the site name or blog URL usually solves this issue, so make sure to try that too.

If you are getting a “permission denied” error, then it’s possible that your search engine is set to Google. As a result, searching from the homepage and on individual posts will not work properly (it might look like they do). You can easily solve this issue by going to your Dashboard and changing the default search engine from Google to something else. If you have any block settings in place, try removing those too (or just add them back after making changes).

If nothing helps and you’re still having issues with your site, then you can always shoot an email to our support team.

Check to make sure that the search box is not turned off in your WordPress settings

If it is, you will need to go into the WordPress admin panel and access the search settings.  Here you can enable your default search plugins for use on your site.  Both WordPress pins (aka meta-tags) along with other plugins will require that this option is turned on to function properly within your theme.

Tips for fixing a broken WordPress website

If default WordPress search doesn’t work, you should also try troubleshooting WordPress themes for word press. The word press themes for word press might be able to help with fixing word press theme and word press search problems! It is important to point out however that WordPress keeps changing its code base so your old installed WordPress themes may not work correctly.

Update your WordPress installation and plugins

Sometimes having outdated theme files or plugins could cause an issue in your WordPress search malfunctioning. Use the update function of both your theme files, plugins, and WordPress itself to make sure that you have the latest version.

Clear all caches in your browser or try using a different one (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

Cleaning your browser cache could help in solving your WordPress search not working issue. First, close your browser window and make sure that every program is closed. Second, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + ESC or go to Programs (Start) > Accessories > Internet Explorer, then select “Internet Options”. Select the “Advanced tab” in the pop-up dialogue box and click on Reset. Then press the Reset button.

To clear cache in chrome browser, follow the steps below:

1. Open your Chrome browser and go to the Cached images and files section under advanced settings:

2. Here you can select any of the cached items that you want to clear:

3. After selecting all items click on this button  Delete and confirm by pressing OK in the pop-up window:

Clear Website Cache

WordPress uses a caching system to speed up word press search and WordPress search pages. You should clear the word press cache if word press searches don’t work.

Upgrade to the latest WordPress version

You should upgrade word press WordPress to get word press search fixed. You can update word press from the WordPress dashboard or you can use WordPress theme for word press to find out if there is a more recent version of word press available!

Upgrade PHP version

You can upgrade the PHP version of your WordPress site. Upgrade PHP version: WordPress search, WordPress date format, and WordPress Ajax don’t work with the old PHP version.

Upgrade MySQL version

You can upgrade the MySQL version of your WordPress site. Upgrade WordPress search WordPress date format and WordPress Ajax doesn’t work with old MySQL version.WordPress is fast, so you need to optimize it to achieve better performance. Follow WordPress search WordPress date format WordPress Ajax are configured properly, WordPress search wordPress date format wordPress Ajax can’t work with old MySQL version.

WordPress Ajax not working WordPress search WordPress date format WordPress Ajax doesn’t work with the old PHP version. If you change WordPress AJAX URL and it stops working, the problem is your code. Most often this happens when switching from 1 .5 WordPress search wordPress date format wordPress Ajax to 2.0 WordPress search WordPress date format WordPress Ajax You can fix WordPress AJAX URL and it stops working by changing code from wp_remote_get() Wordsearch or http://example.com/wp-admin/post.php?action =insert&post_id= WordPress search wordPress date format wordPress Ajax to WordPress ajax Wordsearch or WordPress ajax http://example.com/wp-admin/post.php?action=insert&post_id= Wordsearch wordPress date format wordPress Ajax.

wordpress search function

Every wordpress site has a default search function that is supposed to allow wordpress users to search for posts based on keywords. In some wordpress sites, however, wordpress search not working and the wordpress search function is not as effective as it should be.

This article will help you fix wordpress searches not working on wordpress sites. Follow these simple steps below:

1) Make sure wordpress is updated.

2)  Restart wordpress in a test mode. This will let you search wordpress posts and make sure wordpress search not working is caused by wordpress site deferential.

3) Check your wordpress database structure for any corruption of the wordpress table (mysql>​use wordpress>​show tables, wordpress>​h wordpress-table-name). This should be done from the wordpress database back end.

4) If wordpress search not working is because of wordpress site differentials then try deleting the wordpress table and restoring it from your backed-up wordpress files. If this process doesn’t work, go to wordpress.org and download wordpress again from the wordpress file directory. The backup files will have the wordpress table intact. If this doesn’t work, check your wordpress site differentials at the wordpress database back end (mysql>​use wordpress>​show tables).

5) If wordpress search not working is because of wordpress site differentials, try retrieving wordpress posts based on wordpress date (mysql>​select * from wordpress-table-name where wordpress_year(post_date) 2015 order by wordpress_time desc). Delete all the wordpress search results in your DB and it will be restored as per wordpress file wordpress_year wordpress-table wordpress_time wordpress.php) below wordpress search error wordpress-table-name (mysql>​use wordpress and wordpress>​show tables, wordpress).

6) If you have a large number of posts in your wordpress database then you can try retrieving the most recent wordpress posts (mysql>​select * from wordpress-table-name where wordpress_time wordpress_year(post_date) 2015 order by wordpress_time desc). After retrieving the wordpress search results you can delete the older wordpress posts in your DB as per point 5 above.

7) Check wordpress wordpress_posts table wordpress wordpress wordpress wordpress-table wordpress wordpress-post-meta wordpress where post_status wp_posts status=publish.

8) Check the wordpress database structure for any corruption of the wordpress table (mysql>​use WordPress and show tables, as at point 3 above).

9) Delete wordpress wordpress wordpress wordpress wordpress wordpress wordpress wordpress wordpost_meta word posts table. Restart wordpress in a test mode as at point 2 above. If wordpress search not working continue, restore the WordPress DB (mysql>​use WordPress and show tables, all wordpress word post wordpress wordpress wordm_posts word post-WordPress WordPress database.

10) If wordpress search not working is because of a theme conflict, try re-installing your theme or changing to another theme temporarily (if you are using the default wordpress theme).

11) If you use any plugins then deactivate wordpress wordpress wordpress wordpress wordpress word posts WordPress WordPress theme or disable unwanted plugins (if you think they are causing the problem).

12) If you use any themes then re-install the wordpress theme.

13) Try disabling all your plugins one by one WordPress and testing with each deactivated plugin. If wordpress search not working is caused by a plugin, you will spot the problem immediately.

14) Delete your wordpress posts or pages (after backing them up). Re-install wordpress and test with freshly created posts and pages as at point 13 above. This should fix the problem.

15) Delete your themes (after backing them up). Re-install wordpress and test with each deactivated theme wordpress installed as at point 14 above. This step should fix the problem if it is a theme conflict.

16) If your wordpress search not working and the problem persists try adding a plugin like Google XML Sitemaps to help search engines index your site.

17) If you followed all the above steps and still have trouble, post in our forum.

18) Check your wordpress permalinks as at point 2 above. Clean up any unwanted directories or trailing slashes in the links.

19) Try installing the Google XML Sitemaps plugin to help search engines index your site. (If not installed, install it from the WordPress Plugin Repository and activate in your post_meta word posts settings as at point 2 above).

20) If you are using custom permalinks with multiple categories then try wordm_posts  only with one category.

21) If the problem persists after all other troubleshooting steps, try a fresh install of wordpress (not on top of your existing installation). Activating the default wordpress theme and leaving it to generate 25-30 posts before your search index is in place. This should ensure you are not trying to index live posts. If wordpress search not working, the problem may be a corrupt database or permissions issue. Then delete your old DB and try again, but first back up this time.

22) If wordpress search not working is on a fresh install, then the problem may be a corrupt database or permissions issue. Delete your old DB again and try again, but first back up this time as at point 1 above.

23) If wordpress search not working still occurs, then you may have a conflicting theme or plugin that will need to be disabled for wordpress wordpress WordPress word posts wordm_posts WordPress your site to function properly (as per points 13 and 14 above).

24) Occasionally, this error word post wordm_posts wordpress can be caused by your own theme if the code includes a lot of exact match anchor tags (e.g., {{text:title}}) in the template files. Check all templates for these instances and replace them with something like {{text:title}}).

25) Disable your plugins, one by wordm_posts time, to check if one of the plugins is causing the problem.

26) If you don’t have access to a backup of your database (or it’s corrupted and unreadable), most wordpress wordm_posts  will permit you to import a database dump file. However, this can be risky and may cause problems when importing into your specific installation (e.g., date format, character encoding). If you are at this point it is better to start from scratch with a wordpress fresh install.

27) If you’re still having trouble making sense of the code, try previous versions like WP 2.0 or even  1.5 (or earlier). Many people have successfully upgraded from 1.x to 3.0 and 4.0 without breaking their site.

28) Use the WP-DBManager plugin to help repair or optimize your database, including wordpress repairing tables, compacting data, and rebuilding indexes in one wordpress step (WP 2.0 and above).

29) PHPMyAdmin provides an alternative one-step database repair tool. Note that this will only be available to you if you have direct FTP or cPanel access to your site’s server. This is generally not recommended since it bypasses the security features built into WordPress.

30) Use Akeeba Backup and Restore to do a one-click upgrade or migration to another host. This will use the included .sql file on your current site (or any other database dump you have) wordpress to create a full backup.

31) If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, then contact your host for assistance. If the problem can be replicated on their end, they will likely fix it themselves.

32) You may also want to try using a search  plugin that allows for more flexibility in how search results are configured.


If you’re still experiencing problems with the search feature on your WordPress site, take a look at our troubleshooting tips below. We hope this helps and we encourage you to contact us if there are any other issues that need fixing!  Here’s what could potentially be causing your WordPress search not working issue: Your hosting company may have disabled PHP or MySQL for security purposes; it is possible that one of them has been down or overloaded by too much traffic. It might also be necessary to upgrade either PHP or MySQL in order to fix some bugs or errors which can cause trouble when searching through content on WordPress websites.



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