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  • [Linkedin] | How to search for Linkedin Profiles Inside Google sheets/excel
    Using the below method, you will be able to search for LinkedIn profiles inside google sheets or excel. Create a google custom search engine. Under websites to search, enter Under restrict pages using type, mention person schema. Copy your search engine ID ( CX id). Get your google custom search API key from […]
  • How to import XML sitemap into google sheets
    Importing sitemap into your google sheets can save a lot of time in terms of copy pasting and processing. Fortunately, in excel you can import your sitemap automatically without any hassles. Steps to import sitemap into sheets- Create a new google sheet. Enter the sitemap URL. You can find your sitemap at yourwebsite/sitemap.xml  Copy one […]


  • How to download old IRCTC tickets ?
    Step 1: Login to the IRCTC Website Visit the IRCTC website at and log in using your user ID and password. Step 2: Navigate to My account-> My Transactions -> Booked ticket history. Step 3: Here you can see your booked ticket history.  
  • Australia vs NewZealand Live score (NZ:175/3) | ICC World Cup 2023
  • How to setup wacom tablet in ubuntu
    If you have read the Medium Wacom article and are still confused, don’t worry. Here are easy steps to install Wacom tablet in Ubuntu Open a terminal in Ubuntu (control+alt+T) and run the following piece of code individually.   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:doctormo/wacom-plus sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   Download the latest release of Wacom […]


  • VO2 Max Calculator
  • How to Get Google Search Results in Sheets for Free | GCSE
    Here are steps to get Google search results in Google Sheets or excel. Create a Google sheet in your Google Drive. Create a Google custom search from here. Enable search the entire web. Copy your google custom search engine id. Get your google custom search api key from here Formulate your api key in this […]
  • How to send a mail merge using Google sheets for free
    Did you know that sending a mailmerge from Gmail can be done for free? Here are easy steps to send an email mail merge for free without any plugin or add on. Create a Google sheet Create a google sheet. We will be using a Google sheet to send a mail merge. Sign in to […]